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Backlinks are very important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more points to the blog that has a number of quality backlinks, and consider the blog is more relevant than others on the front page of google in the search for a keyword (keyword). When estimating relevance of blog search engines to a keyword, which is the number of inbound links to be considered qualified. So we do not settle for used if you have lots of inbound links. The emphasis is quality inbound links that we have. A backlink is a link from another site to our site. For example, if you are a member forum, and someone getting your article on the forums, then the person is quoted your article to include a link from the source forum, in this article then you get a backlink. Hunting is an important backlink done by an owner or webmaster of the site including for bloggers like me to improve pagerank popularity to pursue and achieve the best possible position in search engines so that traffic coming from search engines to flow smoothly.

Search engines consider the contents of a blog to determine the quality of a link. When the inbound links that we have comes from other blogs with similar content, or relating to our blog. It means we have a quality of inbound links. If inbound links are from blogs that are not related at seklai with our blog the search engines assume relevasinya less. The greater the relevance of inbound links, the greater the quality. For example, if there is a blog with the theme of health and receive a backlink from a blog that discuss heart health will be considered more relevant than when the blog is receiving a link from a blog with a business theme. The more relevant blogs that link back to our blog, the more quality backlink.

Another reason why we need to have a quality backlink is to entice more visitors to our blog. Tentusaja we can not create a blog and hope that Internet users visit without any hint path. Apart from engine seach of backlinks blog so of course people lain.Hal important to note is that backlinks bring visitors to our site. When visitors visit our site, you can continue it on the customer, product sales, newsletter readers, offering commissions, etc.. Many things can be offered to visitors. In general, getting visitors who crowded to a new site does a pretty difficult thing to do. Waiting for a website on the index by google, getting a good position on google, it is much more difficult because takes several months. But there are several ways you can do to start building backlinks,

1. Link exchange Blog - Exchanging links between blogs can provide a lot of backlinks

2. Forums - posting in the forum could also be a great way to build backlinks. But do not post the url directly in the discussion when we were still a new member or detecting spam forum will regard us as spam and there are several forums that implement this so that we are ultimately banned and removed from the forum (hopefully ya guns in this forum , hehe: D). The best way is to include a link to the signature and every time you post in forums, backlinks from signatures will read properly.

3. Social network - social network like,,,, etc. The zone is the most widely scattered on the internet, and this zone we can use to build backlinks. Thousands of people use social networks to find friends, product promotion, etc.. You can also register on the site and create a link back to your own website on which you created or comment on the profile, etc..

4. Social Bookmarking - Social bookmarking is a place where you can build one-way links to your site. Simply bookmark your site on social bookmarking sites, such as,,, etc.. In addition to getting backlinks, if your site or your article is pretty good, others will add your site in their bookmarks list and in short, you will gain more backlinks.

5. Articles-You can also write articles for several different topics and sends it to the article directory sites and do not forget to include your website address in the article and also on the profile of the author. Examples include article directories,, etc.. You can get a list it on google. If your articles informative and good, others will take the material content of the article for the site and your link will also be listed as well. This can add a backlink to your site.

6. Press Release-You can also make a brief press release about your product or service or your site is. Press release is a very efficient in terms of publications site. Create press releases and submit your release presss on provider sites press release.

7. Web directory - Submit your site on many web directories as possible. Web directory features a huge number of visitors, and besides getting quality backlinks, web directories can bring visitors to your site. For example the largest directory of the current web is Furthermore you can use google to search the web directory list.

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