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Did you know that blogging is fun? For me, everyday writing articles in spare time was very enjoyable. Because we can get new things that maybe we do not know out there. So what is the meaning of blogging and bloggers? Blogging is our way of expressing something in mind and write it into a blog post. So that others can find our blog posts and allow our writing is useful for others. Blogger are people who do blogging, or people who do the writing activity in the blog.

Internet is really the virtual world. We will not know until we touch and believe is real. Blogging can make a newbie look great, change the title of a loser as a hero. Or conversely, an idealist who overlooked its existence because it is not good at 'promoting' themselves in various forums.

As a blogger, you would not want to be invited to enter into this game. Willing not willing you are forced to choose to mamasuki specific communities for specific segments as well. If you are not willing to immerse yourself, you do not deserve to be called as a true blogger. Logically, where there are bloggers who are exclusively shut down and then continued to shout his thoughts. Fatigue thinkers but no response.

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