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Google AdSense is an advertising partnership program through the Internet media held by Google. Through AdSense advertising program, the owner of the website or blog that has been registered and approved for membership may install a form of ad units and the material has been determined by Google in their web pages. Owner of the website or blog will get a profit sharing revenue from Google for each ad clicked by visitors to the site, known as a pay per click (ppc) or pay per click.

Why did Google pay?
The logic is simple, a user clicks on any advertisement posted on the google
will get paid from advertisers. That's how google make money
to pay you.

How do I get paid?
• Shipped via checks to various countries including Indonesia.

How much you get paid?
Each ad has a different rate of payment. Unfortunately
so far google has not provided clarity about this.
What is clear is the amount you paid is proportional to the number of clicks that occurred on
your advertisements. The more clicks there, the greater the money
You can.

In addition to providing ads with pay-per-click system, also provides a Google AdSense for search AdSense (AdSense for Search) and referral ads (Referral). In the AdSense for search, website owners can install the Google search box on their web pages. The site owner will get revenue from Google for each search conducted visitors through the search box, which continues to click on ads that are included in the search results. On referral ads, site owners will receive income after clicking on the ad continues with certain actions by visitors who have agreed on between Google and advertisers.

There are various type provided by google adsense adsense, namely:

1. Adsense for content.
This type is the usual type. This is the most widely used by people. The form is the form of ads that we would get a dollar if someone clicks on these ads with other words that is PPC (Paid Per Click). But sometimes we can also get a dollar every 1000 impressions / appear (Paid Per Impression), but for that it seems only for certain iklan2 and opened in a particular negara2.

2. Adsense for search.
Which is shaped in the form of "Search Engine". We will only get paid when someone searches through search engines that we put on our web / blog, and then that person clicks on one of the search results in the form of advertising, so not all results in the form of paid advertising. Usually there is given a box and writing "Ads by google"

3. Adsense for domains
Adsense for domains is a new service from Google Adsense. With adsense for domains, google ads will be shown a full page. To be able to apply course, we must have a domain.

4. Adsense for feeds
Adsense for Feeds New features of this unit enables you to display contextual ads based on CPM in your RSS Feeds to the size of 468x60 and 300x250, and also provided the option text or images, link colors, and ad positions. Unfortunately, or that's the way his TOS, Adsense for Feeds is also not supporting the Indonesian-language content. So, the only English-language content that may be mounted ad units Adsense for Feeds.

5. Adsense for video
Launch of AdSense for video ad units this may be a response to Google's Adsense program to increasing competition in pay-per-click ads. As we know, some time ago Chitika also recently launched a Viral Branding Unit (VBU), one of the Chitika ad units are also based video ads. Some bloggers are specially selected by Chitika also have given quite a positive endorsement to the performance of VBU.

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