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White hat SEO can be interpreted as the safest technique in search engine optimization, white hat SEO can also categorize that content is king and web / blog is running slowly but pasti.White hat SEO is the best technique for a competitor even though marketing has become White hat SEO barriers to implementing this would satisfy the visitors are also expected because customers would not want to apply if the owner of the web / blog should assume the content is the king who gave a precise and accurate information.

As to whether the techniques which include White Hat SEO? We discuss one by one.

Internal Linking
Internal lingking is an attempt to link one page or post to another page or post. One Conten usually post pages posts must relate to other pages. Internal Linking easy example is when occasionally opening a web page with a particular title, you'll be treated well with other pages or posts relating to the page you are reading. For example at www.wikipedia.org. Internal Linking the Web is made very well.
How Internal Linking work and what to do with traffic and SEO success?.

Reciprocal Linking
Exchanging links with other webmasters is a good way (not the best, but good) in an effort to get additional incoming links to your site. Actually in this link exchange technique there is one thing to note, that is about relevance. What does he mean? Relevancy is a case where the incoming links and outgoing links are also relevant to the main theme of the blog. For example, a link to a particular site on the theme of business will be better when linking to other sites are also the same themes. Nevertheless it does not mean links from certain sites that are not related at all do not benefit. It would be beneficial to the creation of traffic, although not so significant, then the traffic there is hope that some of the visitors who come are the target.
How Reciprocal links work? and what to do with a successful online business? Reciprocal Linking affect how successful the sale of internet marketing?

• Content Creation
The contents of a web is the core content. Visitors come to the blog
you to search for something, or buy something. If the content contained within it is properly aligned visitors are looking for, then the prospects for the better.
Now a little explanation above quite explain why the creation of content can increase traffic and affect your online marketing success. Make your content as interesting and as good as possible, informative, easy to understand and be understood, including the use of the letters are easy to read and so forth. As a simple example, many former journalist who turned professional and successful online business. But this does not mean you can not write to low, do not worry .. this is just one technique of many techniques. And you can choose another technique.

Content Writing etc.
If you sell something, then those people will be interested to know more about things around you. SO .. why not let people know ..? This is actually still about content, but not the main content but is closely linked to the main content. For example if you sell your plane tickets on the web, try to write about something interesting out of trouble tickets, such as the review of certain commercial aircraft, or a funny incident on the plane or else a clear draw for visitors.

Site Optimization
Learn the true optimization of the site, especially the structure of the site starting from the header, body, title, and so on. Need extra understanding about related as html, scripts and so forth. Be sure to put title, meta tags, meta content, etc. properly. By using white hat seo, it may take a short not to bring traffic. But this is a safe way.

The information targeted
Creating relevant content and show relevant information as well, his point is if you want to sell a product then pasarkanlah that sportsmanship does not make other keywords inserted into the content so pengunjungpun know the intent and purpose of web / blog is a product directed.

Restructure the web / blog well
White hat seo can also be done by managing Web / blog for good can be done with a selection of templates that are SEO friendly and set the CSS to fit into the power merampingkannya so fast, it should also be noticed java scriptnya.Juga dividing good example:

Provision of meta tags
Give meta tag because this is very helpful especially the title and description to note is the robot and the exact title under head also charsets that the spiders use to clearly read the meta tag kode.Dalam provision can be viewed on articles blogger meta tags.

Create keywords (keywords) that are relevant
To place the white hat seo keyword titles as well as a description, it is better placed in the following elements:
* Title
* Meta Description
* Meta Keywords
* Heading h1-h6 elements
* Text with '"
* Alt Tag that can be optimized in the picture
* Title Tag
* Links that contain key words (keywords)

Create a good link
I will make a word or phrase that contains a link that good and bad, for example:
A good ink
black hat seo = http://article-blogging.blogspot.com/2011/10/white-hat-seo-on-search-engine.html
when a visitor clicks it will be directed to content that contains the MSN algorithm.
bad link
Mobile latest = http://article-blogging.blogspot.com/2011/10/white-hat-seo-on-search-engine.html
If a visitor clicks it will not to information about the latest mobile phones.

A good linkback
Get linkback from high pagerank sites that were also submits in the directory dofollow.

Ping regularly
Ping regularly with no exaggeration.

Promote your site to social networks
Do this by relying on twiter or facebook and other social networks for my facebook and twiterlah the most good for promotion, to note if the link should have the title link in accordance with the discussion on the web / blog.

Provide contact us
This is when a web / blog that it has marketed the product you want, the product must also be clear and in place on a separate page, so that all pages can be optimized.

Hopefully useful for you all about white hat SEO. Thank you for your attention and have read this article.

Best regards

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