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Understanding or definition of Keyword / keyword. In the optimization SEO, keywords are a collection of words that are used to find a web page or blog. Selection of right keywords will determine position on search engines. Many webmasters and online businesses, always talking about how to find the best keywords, keyword optimization is more targeted so that they get higher returns, increased visitors to their blogs, and other costs associated with the success of online business. Key words are important to our blog have a good place in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). For example if someone who wants to learn seo for beginners, and then he typed the word "learn seo beginners" in google search engine. It will appear the thousands and even millions of posts in the search results. Well, when your blog or website we are on page 1, then there will be a chance that person to visit our blog. I personally think that many people prefer to visit blogs that are in the first page or the order of 10-10. Hence why as a blogger, it is very important to learn which keywords or keyword.

Importance of Keywords For Online Business Success.
The keywords will affect the success of our online business. As an example of a blogger who has a blog that adsense advertise. So he will choose strategies and methods needed for example how to attract visitors or visitors to the blog, select the HPK (high paying keywords), so he will get optimum benefit. Another example, a businessman who wants to do online business through website promotion, so he will not be separated by studying the key words so that his website known to many people. Maybe a little introduction above would be to make friends - friends understand the importance of keywords and what keywords. Here is an article that I made a summary, then in another post perhaps I will discuss one by one on the blog this carapada. This may be useful, for you who want to understand the meaning of keywords.

Keywords in URL

Keywords in the URL of the website. I think this helps in positioning a website on that keyword. For example: To search for "how to create a blog" http://article-blogging.blogspot.com/ domain, might be in a good position.

Keywords in title or "title"

This is one of the most important because the contents of the tag "Title" will be displayed in the search engines.

Keywords in content, or posting
Is an important consideration for determining keyword relevance. In addition we also have to consider keyword density or keyword density.

Keywords in text links
Also important because it determines the subject of the page being accessed.

Keywords in header tags H1, H2 ...
It is important to measure what can be used in header tags H1, H2, H3 ... . For this I am still learning and have not dared to give tips. The key word in the early post. Key words in the beginning, from the various references that I read, will give a good position on the search engine

Keywords in the alt attribute

Spiders can not read drawings and diagrams, so the spiders will index alt attributes on images.

Keywords in meta tags
It is also important to place keywords in the meta description and keyword tags. I likens when you enter the library and find a book called traces - traces of Islamic economics, then you will choose a rack with the economic category and then search for the book. So is google, In my humble opinion that the spider will index the meta tags and title of the post description.

In addition to the above there are few things that might also have you learned in the optimization seo and understand things on keywords.

Keyword density
Is the closeness between the keywords. For example in making posts. Keyword density is the ratio of a word or phrase to total words in the text. For example, for a text of 100 words, if a word appears five times, the density is 5%.

Keyword phrase
This is the concept of keyword placement that make up the key phrases. For example, "learn seo", "learn seo for beginners", "seo for beginners",

Secondary keywords
Optimizing the secondary keyword to support the main keyword based on competence. For example if the main keyword "how to create facebook". We can select secondary keywords such as "how to easily create a facebook", "how to make a new fb". Then we place these keywords in your posts.

Syntactic keywords
If we make a mistake typing a key word in our blog, may be influential in searches on search engines. So before posting the article, should we choose an appropriate title and meticulous writing first if something went wrong, because when it was posted though it was edited, the url will not change. For example, you make a post title "how to create facebook", but a typo so "way to create faceboook".

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