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After learning about the activities and know SEO on-page SEO techniques, this article will learn about off-page SEO. That is about the activity or SEO techniques are performed outside of our blog or website. What is most important of Off Page SEO? The answer is backlinks and SERP. Backlinks are Do Follow the links on the pages of other websites that leads to your site. While the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is a page that appears as a result of searches performed on search engines. In each time penyarian, Google can find tens to billions of search results that are divided into several pages. Each display page 10 websites only. Well, that meant increasing the SERP is how to create pages that are raised for key words that we seek is the page of our sites or pages that redirect to our site (such as classified ads, directory, etc.). Imagine for example on a keyword search results, from 10 the first page of search results, 4 of which leads to a page of our site. That is called SERP.

How to increase backlinks and SERP is this? Many methods are discussed to improve the SERP is out there (Can search on Google), but the core of the increase backlinks and SERP are: Putting your link or website address on the website of others who have first entered in the search engines and have a better ranking . As we know, there are so many existing websites on search engines where the websites that have occupied the top in major search engines. Much of this website has a lot of visits and is updated frequently, even too high page rank.

Many things can be done in the off-page SEO. Among others:
  1. Link Exchange Exchanging links with blogs or other. Please note, this link exchange should be done in the form of text links, not in the form of image or a banner, which links count as backlinks by Mbah Google and other search engines is link text form. Not pictures and whatnot. Give the right Anchor Text when Exchanging links or provide a backlink to the article you who are old.
  2. Registering our blog to blog directory
  3. Finding and maximizing our backlinks on other blogs
  4. Mendaftarkam blog or our website to Search Engines
  5. Maximize use of webmaster tools
  6. by advertising
  7. Group active in social bookmarking
  8. Commenting on other people's blogs
  9. Join some forum discussion
  10. Build Backlinks to your site
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