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About On page Search Engine Optimization

Previously I've never made a post about learning about SEO, and explained already mentioned that one is On-Page SEO SEO. Activities on-page SEO is all SEO activities conducted directly on the blog or do our own website. This activity involves on-page elements and content engineering to our blog or website. Activities to download his SEO blog is a must. Why? Since this will improve the position, as well as traffic pagerank of a blog or website.

Here are some things that can be optimized on our blog :

Selection of Domain Name
Some of the major search engines like google to enter the domain name as a material for the search, therefore, choose domain name that contains the main keyword is one important part in the on-page SEO.

Title Tag
Title or headline of your blog will be very influential on search engine position (SERP), then make sure the author / title of your site contains keywords, obviously, to the point of not more than 50 characters, and certainly in accordance with the content of the website. Tag title tag is written in the head, or after the tag and before the tag

Meta Keyword Tag
Meta tag is a keyword or keyword tags of your website, which is likely in a few words written by the users of search engines, and is associated with your main keyword. Keyword Tag is also written inside the head tag, or after the tag and before the tag

Meta Description Tag
Meta Description Tag is the most important meta tags. Meta description tag is the meta description tag that describes the outline of the contents of your website. Sometimes search engines display the text in this tag on the SERPs.

Especially for self hosted wordpress users, change the settings your permalink structure to /% postname. In your Wordpress dashboard, click Settings> Permalinks

then the url you will turn into / judulposting. this is more SEO friendly than stick with the default wordpress permalink structure example

Content Blog

It is this content to give the greatest influence in the on-page SEO, a few things to consider in writing content or articles is:
  1. Authenticity, try making an original article, many practitioners argue SEO, Content is the King, or Google Loves Content. Posts that contain kopas from other blogs will be very difficult to get good SERP
  2. Title or the post title gives a big hand in the index in the Search Engine, try to contain keywords that are optimized
  3. Try to display the keywords that will be optimized in the first 250 words in an article, this contributes greatly to the SERP
  4. Use of Bold, Italic, quotes,
  5. , Underline and color differences are very profound effect on a keyword optimization.
  6. If you use WordPress Tags should always fill you in accordance with the topics and keywords that would in the optimization.

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